Kickstarter – Koala Mount, £7 For The Perfect iPad Wall Mount

Yep, that’s a hat-trick! That’s 3 Kickstarter projects featured in a single day, first the TidyTilt, next the ODDIO1, now we have the Koala Mount, a no-fuss no-damage iPad wall dock from Chris & Colby Moyer of Philadelphia, PA. The Koala Mount is essentially two small brackets that stick to the wall via Large Command strips that your iPad nestles snugly between. The strips adhere to the wall and can support up to 5 pounds each, making your precious iPad more than secure. If you want to move your Koala Mount to somewhere else in the house, the strips simply peel away with no damage to the wall at all. There’s no reason why the Koala Mount shouldn’t work for any other tablets either, they’ve been shown to work perfectly with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Motorola Xoom, but as long as you’re tablet’s not too thick for the bracket, you should be fine. If you’re quick and manage to get one of the 160 or so cheap ones left, you can get yourself a Koala Mount for only $10 (£7.50 to the UK including shipping) otherwise you can double those prices, which is still ridiculously cheap for a product this useful. I’ve just ordered a couple which has brought their total up to $3,964 out of a target $5,000 with 24 days to go, so that target should be no problem at all. So for £7 why not treat yourself?

EDIT: This project has been successfully funded! Stay tuned for a review of the product when it arrives in the coming months!