Kickstarter – ODDIO1 Are The Headphones You’re Shuffle Was Made For

Here’s another Kickstarter project for you, ODDIO1 Cord-Free Shuffle Headphones from Jeremy Saxton & Jacob Hall of Salt Lake City, UT. The idea is a simple one, the $35 (that’s £32 if you’re in the UK after adding shipping costs) headphones have a short audio jack and a sleeve on the outside of one of the ears, into which you slot your iPod Shuffle, plug it in and boom! You’ve got yourself a pair of wireless headphones with full playback controls on the side, perfect for using on the go and eliminating unnecessary fumbling in pockets. They’re available in 3 colours (there’s a fourth if you’re willing to pledge $200 for the ‘Limited Edition Package’) and at the time of writing the project has earned $13,018 of its $40,000 goal with 21 days to go, my bets are that they’ll make it no problem.