Share Your Jailbroken iPad Homescreens

Just a quick post to see what people’s homescreens look like now we can finally jailbreak our A5 devices. I’ll kick things off (and yes, this did take quite a while!).

Want to know what a certain app or tweak is, or just want to share your own? Comment and I’ll feature the best in another post!



VERY Old News, But Still Exciting!

Hmm this rock that I’ve been living under is starting to become a burden. It seems that in the midst of the hectic week the jailbreak that we’ve been waiting for for the last few months has been released! Thats right iOS 5.0.1 can now be jailbroken on A5 devices (iPhone 4S & iPad 2) using Absinthe. Head on over to the greenpois0n blog to get your hands on it!

Opinion – iPad 2S, iPad 3, iOS 6, iPhone 5 & TV

It’s that time of year again people, iPad rumors are starting to crop up again and, surprise surprise, there are predictions that there will be two iPads released in 2012. DigiTimes is reporting that it’s “industry sources in Taiwan” are claiming that two iPads will be released this year at separate events.

The first iPad is said to be much like the iPad 2, only with a retina display and better battery life, so essentially an iPad 2S, and they are speculating that this will be released in March this year. The second will be a full overhaul of the device, an iPad 3, adding new hardware and “integrated applications” that will allow it to compete with rival devices. This device would be released in October.

Just to be clear, it will NOT look like this!

In my opinion these rumors match up very closely with rumors that were flying around in the Spring of last year, back then there was a lot of talk about another new iPad being released in September, which obviously never showed. Also, October is a long time off yet, I don’t believe it’s possible to predict Apple’s product release plans this far into the future, especially if it’s true that they pulled the iPhone 5 at the last-minute and instead gave us the 4S. Apple will have the next 5+ years of devices in the pipelines at the moment, we know that they were developing the iPad long before the iPhone, yet the iPhone was released years before. They will have the next few sets of iDevices all going through various stages of design and testing as we speak, why would they spend so much time on designing, releasing and marketing an iPad 2S just to make it obsolete with a completely new iPad 3 just 6 months later? They wouldn’t, they have nothing to gain from it and there are a lot of hardcore fans who would buy the iPad 2S straight away, only to be told they need to shell out another £500 half a year later if they want to have the newest product.

My betting is that, come March, Apple will release a device that will, in essence, be an iPad 2S. There will not be any form of redesign, it will have a retina display and a better battery as predicted, along with an A6 processor, better cameras, better speakers and ‘possibly’ Siri too. Apple will then be able to drop the price of the iPad 2 to make it more affordable.An Apple TV mockup

In Summer, iOS 6 will be announced and released to developers which I expect will be a huge overhaul of the entire OS the scale of which we’ve not seen before. My reasoning behind this is thus: Everyone was expecting a whole new, redesigned iPhone last year, which we nearly had right up until the last-minute. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with the 4S, on the contrary, it’s a brilliant phone and Siri was enough of a reason for a lot of people to upgrade. But last year at the June Keynote we had Lion to keep us entertained along with iOS 5, if it had just been iOS 5 it may have been slightly, dare I say, dull! Apple knew this and did something they’ve not done before, they specified exactly what they were going to talk about at the event beforehand on their website. They wanted people to know exactly what to expect from the event so they couldn’t be disappointed. This year, Lion has been released into the wild and there’s no new version of OS X on the horizon just yet, that means that the event will be highly focused on iOS 6, if it’s anything but a huge overhaul with dozens of new features people will be disappointed. Now there’s also the possibility that they could announce a whole new product at this event, possibly the Apple Television that was hinted at in Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, maybe known as the iTV, although as we’ve seen before the television network ITV over here in the UK aren’t too keen on that idea.

ThisIsMyNext (now The Verge) iPhone 5 mockup

When September comes, Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5, which, as the follow-up to the iPhone 4 and 4S which were both hugely successful, will mean it will have to be something special. To do that, they’ll need two things; great hardware and great software. This is Apple, we know that gorgeous hardware isn’t a problem, they just need to make sure they deliver on software, another reason why I believe iOS 6 will be such a huge overhaul. As for the specs of the iPhone 5, I’m unsure, however a reference to a quad-core processor has been found inside of the iOS 5.1 beta, so that could be something to expect from the A6!

Obviously this is only my opinion and no one knows what Apple have planned for our future, it’s never going to be easy to predict, because as Steve said “People don’t know what they want until we show it to them”

Kickstarter – Koala Mount, £7 For The Perfect iPad Wall Mount

Yep, that’s a hat-trick! That’s 3 Kickstarter projects featured in a single day, first the TidyTilt, next the ODDIO1, now we have the Koala Mount, a no-fuss no-damage iPad wall dock from Chris & Colby Moyer of Philadelphia, PA. The Koala Mount is essentially two small brackets that stick to the wall via Large Command strips that your iPad nestles snugly between. The strips adhere to the wall and can support up to 5 pounds each, making your precious iPad more than secure. If you want to move your Koala Mount to somewhere else in the house, the strips simply peel away with no damage to the wall at all. There’s no reason why the Koala Mount shouldn’t work for any other tablets either, they’ve been shown to work perfectly with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Motorola Xoom, but as long as you’re tablet’s not too thick for the bracket, you should be fine. If you’re quick and manage to get one of the 160 or so cheap ones left, you can get yourself a Koala Mount for only $10 (£7.50 to the UK including shipping) otherwise you can double those prices, which is still ridiculously cheap for a product this useful. I’ve just ordered a couple which has brought their total up to $3,964 out of a target $5,000 with 24 days to go, so that target should be no problem at all. So for £7 why not treat yourself?

EDIT: This project has been successfully funded! Stay tuned for a review of the product when it arrives in the coming months!

Create Settings Shortcuts Without Jailbreak On iOS

I’ve just come across an excellent quick tutorial on DevChimp on how to install a tweak on your iOS device which will allow you quick access to your favourite settings straight from your home screen! I was under the impression that Apple had released a patch to stop this working but I must have been mistaken as it’s working perfectly for me. Go and check it out.

Source: DevChimp

iPhone 4S/iPad 2 5.0.1 Jailbreak (Maybe) Within The Week!

According to iOS hacker pod2g’s Twitter stream we could be a matter of days away from having our A5 powered devices (iPhone 4S & iPad 2) jailbroken on iOS 5.0.1! He appears to have made a big leap forward with Apple’s newest processor, here’s hoping everything goes well and that come next Monday we’ll all be tweaking SBSettings back to just how we like it!