Anonymous Bidder Pays £989 For Raspberry Pi Board, Donates To Museum

One by one the first 10 Raspberry Pi Beta Board auctions are coming to a close, the prices of which keep exceeding expectation (Board #1 is now at a whopping £3,500!). It was revealed yesterday that board #7 was purchased by an anonymous bidder and will be donated to the Centre for Computing History. The director of the museum, Jason Fitzpatrick had this to say on the donation:

We are really pleased and quite taken aback at this generous donation. We are extremely supportive of the Raspberry Pi project and feel that it could usher in a new era for computing, allowing potential programmers to ‘get to the bits’ and who knows, maybe create the next big thing! We will be purchasing a number of the (somewhat cheaper) Raspberry Pis to take out for school visits and help promote the programming in schools initiative – something we very strongly believe in.

The Raspberry Pi is an unusual addition to the museum’s collection, which is largely made up of hardware from the 1960s-1980s. The museum hopes that the Raspberry Pi will bootstrap a new era of computing in schools. Jason says he wants to be able to point to the museum’s Raspberry Pi in future years and say: ”and this is the computer that changed everything


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