£16 Linux Mini-Computer ‘Raspberry Pi’ Due For Release In Coming Weeks!

I’m excited about this one, I’ve been looking forward to the Raspberry Pi for a while now and in the next few weeks you’ll be able to get your hands on one for the low low price of around £16 for model A and £22 for model B (with twice the RAM and an ethernet port). The tiny machines are the size of a credit card and run Linux, they come with all the ports you’d expect from any computer, including a HDMI out, USB 2.0 and a SD Card slot as the storage. Currently the machines are in late beta and the first 10 models are being auctioned off right now with people willing to pay upwards of £2000 for the chance to own one of the first 10. At the time of writing the combined total for all 10 auctions is £9454 which im sure will have doubled by end of each auction, all of which is going to the Raspberry Pi Foundation which will use the money to produce RasPi’s and put them into schools, a very worthy cause in my opinion.

A quick glance at the forums of the RasPi site gives you a bit of insight into what people are planning to do with them when they are made available. Everything from setting up full-scale home automation and custom media centres, to monitoring when plants need watering and beer brewing temperatures. There have even been a few wearable computer ideas thrown out there too! Personally I think I’m going to take the media center route and couple it with a movie filled hard drive, link it up to the TV and stream media all over the house! Maybe even try my luck with building a retro emulator too!

All in all I love the freedom that the Raspberry Pi’s can offer and I’m getting a few ordered as soon as they’re made available. I’ll keep you posted as soon as any more is known about the release date.


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