Buffer – Discover A New Way To Tweet

Free online service Buffer is my new favourite tweet-companion. Buffer is in essence a tweet scheduler, you tell it what to tweet and when to tweet it and when that time comes, it releases your tweets on a one-per-timeslot basis. It is not the first service of its kind, however it does boast some strong features that I’ve not come across before. Using it couldn’t be easier, simply set the tweet-times when you want Buffer to tweet for you, and then add articles/websites/pictures etc to your ‘Buffer’ (either manually on the website, by email, or via a handy browser extension). When it reaches your next specified tweet-time, the item will be tweeted and then removed from your Buffer to allow the next item to be tweeted at the next specified tweet-time, and so on.

Buffer also ties in to another of my favourite services, If This Then That, which I wrote about only yesterday. This allows you to quickly set up a ‘task’ on the If This Then That website and from then on anything you ‘star’ on Google Reader will be added to your Buffer, to be tweeted at a later time.

Buffer’s great for those who might only have chance to be active on Twitter for a short amount of time each day, but have a lot to say and share and would like to spread their tweets out more throughout the day. The service also ties in to SocialBro, a kind of Twitter statistics monitor. SocialBro can scan your list of followers and find out when is the best time for you to tweet, based on when the majority of your followers are active, to allow you maximum exposure to your audience. After SocialBro has scanned your followers, it only takes a single click to configure Buffer to release your tweets at the optimal time.

If you feel like you’ve got a lot to share and not enough chance to say it, give Buffer a go, I’m adding this post to my Buffer right now!


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